Free Gift

A free gift for orders over 55,-

Your free gift can be selected from a list in the shopping-cart once your order has reached a total value of 55,- (Shipping-costs not included). If you do not select a free gift from the list there will be no free gift included to your order.

The following products are currently available:

  • Nicotiana tabacum seeds
  • Acacia confusa seeds
  • Peganum harmala seeds
  • Ziplock bags 40x60mm
  • Sample of Yerba Mate
  • Sample of Maca
  • Sample of Tongkat Ali
  • Sample of Butterfly Pea
  • Sample of Ashwagandha
  • Sample of Kratom
  • Sample of Incense
  • Mystery Gift

We can honor requests if there is product you wish to receive or avoid!