Mimosa hostilis -Jurema-

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  • Botanically accurate
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Latin name: Mimosa tenuiflora, syn. Mimosa hostilis
Also know as:
Mimosa, Jurema, Jurema preta, Vinho da Jurema.

Origin: Brasil
Supplier-ID: JF-1006Y

Notice: (Novel Food) Raw plant material not a food in the EU

We offer Mimosa hostilis inner root bark straight from a reputed source. Our supplier has years of experience in harvesting and processing Mimosa hostilis root bark. We believe that this is the best quality Mimosa available on the market. Our supplier sets the quality-standard for all Mimosa hostilis that is available today.

Thanks to a close and loyal business relationship with our supplier we have managed to maintain a continuity in availability and quality. Making world wide thousands of customers satisfied with the quality of our Mimosa hostilis inner root bark.

We always offer a freshly harvested batch, not an old stock!

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Reviews (91)

91 reviews for Mimosa hostilis -Jurema-

  1. Joram (verified owner)

    Been ordering this product for a decade now from you guys, love your service and quality. The care you put in these products is amazing. I am forever grateful to you guys for providing this kind of entheobotanic.

  2. Sergei (verified owner)

    I was ordering from this vendor for over 7 years. Very good product quality, prices are reasonable and fast delivery as always. Highly recommended. Thanks Gaiana!!!

  3. Stasys (verified owner)

    The results so far have been just fantastic. This product has stained my parquet flooring such a beautiful and deep purple, with a consistent colour concentration of 1.5 to 1.8%. There were no problems shipping across the continent and the material arrived within 3 or 4 days to a DPD pickup station.

    Thank you.

  4. B.Defrance (verified owner)

    Perfect for my first times. Good results!! Many thanks!!! Arrived very fast in France too.

  5. Jani (verified owner)

    I recieved order today, but yeah no problems became anf everything worked very smoothy. Think you so very much.

    Have you got feedback – as you are ethnobotanoval company about the strength of cerrain alkalids -mimosa hostilis/temuiflora rootbark.

    Ty ty ty

  6. topmir (verified owner)

    Great quality and fast shipping. Surely I can recommend both shop and plant.

  7. Kevin P. (verified owner)

    Thanks for the amazing quality. I just bought the 9kg shredded mimosa.

  8. Frank (verified owner)

    Been ordering this bark form Gaiana for some time now and it never disappointed me! :)

    Good price, fast delivery!

  9. Tomas (verified owner)

    Bark is very fibrous.

  10. markus.s

    Thank you for this. Very high quality

  11. malekid8 (verified owner)

    Ordered same good quality shredded MHRB a few times with great results everytime!

  12. Raye (verified owner)

    Okay, I had some issues with the delivery! But Gaiana TEAM Did assist to support and arrange a solutions accordingly, thank you Gaiana! I did receive the product accordingly!

  13. rognli2 (verified owner)

    I have ordered from you many times and am very pleased with the quality. I am a member of a forum where there are over 8000 members and I have recommended you to other members many times. So 5 points to you. Thank you!

  14. jashwanth (verified owner)

    very great experience I’ve had with such sacred plants, Im grateful. Thank you soo much for sharing.

    In plants we trust.
    love from India

  15. Crooger35 (verified owner)

    Very good quality and fast shipping. Thanks!!!

  16. OSCAR (verified owner)

    Awesome, received my packet in just 3 days! Super fast service and the quality is great. Will definitely order again soon!

  17. Dee (verified owner)

    Yeah thanks man gaiana customer service is second to none been dealing with you guys for few years now pet bedding is immaculate thank you

  18. paxx (verified owner)

    Love and respect, Gaiana staff! When processing the material I thought I’ve fckd something up, because the resulting product was so transparent and only of a slight yellowish color. But lo! So pure and fresh fragrance and a very clear, bright and immensely powerful state! How can this be, me wonders?! Magickkkk!!

  19. Gero (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for providing these holy plant material in a very high quality. Delivery is always very fast aswell. I love you guys, you helped me to get a whole new view on our world <3

  20. Mindow (verified owner)

    thank you very much for such a good mimosa hostilis :) i’ve been ordering few times from you and it’s always the best stuff! :)

  21. Georgica Cosmin (verified owner)

    got my delivery in 3 days, very good company, will order again and will spread the word! keep up the good work!

  22. Nikolaidalager (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Arrived in four days. Love it!

  23. miku (verified owner)

    Arrived in 3 days. Just perfect. Yet to test the quality but I have no doubts its top notch.

  24. Land (verified owner)

    Hello Gaiana,

    My gecko is really enjoying the bedding you sent me about 6 mounths ago. I’ve recently got a new tarantula, and I was thinking about ordering the same bedding for it too. I will place the order on your site, and hope to contact you again soon.

  25. Ser

    It’s a great, potent, quality product.

  26. fb031965 (verified owner)

    Great company,

    Professional, high level of integrity. Very good products.

  27. Nikki (verified owner)

    The quality of this product is very good, ive also noticed that after the extraction the quality is supreme :) Much obliged and keep up the good work. greetings from belgium

  28. drorgoldmanndg (verified owner)

    dror 11-10-2016
    The best .I just order from them .Thanks you for best service

  29. guijol (verified owner)

    Product has arrived well, one week and half after cash sent. Great thx a lot gaina. Aucun probleme de livraison. Impeccable.

  30. nielseeten (verified owner)

    Thank you Gaiana!

    This is by far the best batch of mimosa i ever bought!
    Very high yield after extraction. Also shipping was very good!
    keep up the good work!

  31. John Doe (verified owner)

    Your mimosa is fokking awesome!!

  32. V100 (verified owner)

    i got all the natural color today :-) everything is ok , so im happy. :-)

    im also happy with Gaiana as a whole , great company – service . :-)

  33. bartprins (verified owner)

    Last shipment (MHRB + salvia) rocked! Now waiting for my next order. Thanks from The Netherlands <3

  34. Cici (verified owner)

    You guys are the very best at what you do, and I thank you for providing everyone the ability to connect themselves with those godly influences of which we my not otherwise be capable of contacting. Godspeed and Love to you all!!!

  35. Christoffer (verified owner)

    Real stuff, thank you Gaiana!

  36. mathieu.lehmann67

    Super produit, prix imbattable, reçu en 4 jours, parfait !! Merci Gaiana, I love you !

  37. Mario (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I wasted my time with ebay. Gaiana rocks! received my item in record time.

  38. Shiva (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for fantastic customer service and serious skillful manners.

    Anyways, you have a loyal customer in me. It took me some time to finally find a serious supplier lika Gaiana. Happy i found you.

  39. tim (verified owner)

    Great mhrb, good yield fast shipping.
    happy customer, 3rd order :)

  40. Rggarzagm12 (verified owner)

    Fast, and great product! What’s not to like. I will purchase this product again and again! Thanks!

  41. yoanncorne (verified owner)

    The top of the top,on new form (fine shredded),potent root bark(my last session today is just unbelieveble/amazing/wtf!!!no
    word for explain… thx Gaiana

  42. Wisd (verified owner)

    Looks superb, glowing with energy, very strong smell, absolutely a fresh batch, full of love!! :)

  43. Rob (verified owner)

    Snelle levering, top qualiteit!

  44. vortex1 (verified owner)

    quality is good

  45. vortex1 (verified owner)

    very serious vendor my money arrived monday and they post it the same day,(i have been scarder when i have see that the partener of postnl to ship in my europeen contry was a compagni very not apreciete in my place but at the final my order have arrive thursday morning,that is very fast
    thanks for your serious in work,,,,
    (i will post my opinion of the quality soon)

  46. jonas (verified owner)

    wery fast delivery and top cuality all the time.your mimosa is the best

  47. SensusCommunis (verified owner)

    Superfast delivery and very good pricing! I am very pleased with this!

  48. c.kraul (verified owner)

    Best Mimosa, best syrian rue, best service, best prices, Very very nice gift (the wood smells awesome :) ) Thanks a lot for your great work Gaiana Team!

  49. Felix (verified owner)

    Wow! Very fast delivery, perfect product + about 35 grams of Syrian rue seeds for free! :D
    Couldn’t be happier :D

  50. dan (verified owner)

    I want to thank gaiana The very good service and excellent product Mimosa hostilis Recommends

  51. Mighty Yo (verified owner)


  52. jonas.billie (verified owner)

    wow this product has high quality. it was the best ever and i tried it at least 50 times before.your mimosa is the best…

  53. jonas.billie (verified owner)

    thanks for a fasr and smoth delivery

  54. JerryMooked (verified owner)

    Ordered back in June and things came in very quickly. North America in 1.5 week. Good service to customer

  55. very good / nemesis (verified owner)

    I appreciate your service ! thanks

  56. jeroen (verified owner)

    some time ago i bought 1k mimosa, it was deliverd within a week (belgium) in an anomynous brown package. good service, excelent price en good yield! I’m looking for 0.5k now, and i’m hoping the service is gonna be as good as last time!

  57. Pong (verified owner)

    thank you guys so much, i recommend your company to everyone, you guys honestly have a good customer support.

  58. Mind Treker (verified owner)

    Ordered 500gm mhrb from Gaiana on the 29th may, Payed via international bank transfer money cleared on the 2nd June received Tracking number on the 3rd. Will up date when i have the light in my hands… I have had no problems ordering mhrb in to Australia from other venders and dont expect any problems here….. Peace

  59. Robert (verified owner)

    Quick and easy. Bought and payed tuesday, received it 2 days later(within netherlands). Shipment well received, plain box and greatly packed. Thanks for the free gift by the way.

  60. Stony Tony (verified owner)

    Thanks for the free gift. Discreet packaging too!

  61. Jis (verified owner)

    Thanks, it came fast and discret, and a good product

  62. Midwest US (verified owner)

    This is to say that I just recieved my second order. First order took longer than I’d hoped, but the second was extremely fast. Both arrived perfectly

  63. Phoeni (verified owner)

    I received my order withing a whopping 10 days to Canada. I am very pleased with the customer service, there were no issues what so evre. Very inconspicuous packaging and reliable service. I highly recommend this website.

  64. Turn-on (verified owner)

    Just dropped in to say thank you for the extremely fast shipping. The order arrived in 2 days after payment confirmation, to Scandinavia!

  65. Vic (verified owner)

    I honestly thank you for your service, you are doing great job to expand worlds consciousness! My pack arrived yesterday!

  66. brady (verified owner)

    I bought a Kilo around the middle of December. It came really fast, super discreet shipping but, I only got half the amount of dye I’m used to getting from mimosa.

  67. Josh (verified owner)

    Fast delivery to North America. Very helpful customer service. Would definitely recommend

  68. jeff (verified owner)

    Came to canada in about a weeks time and the product is awesome…highly recommended

  69. Don (verified owner)

    I received the order yesterday and everthing is just fine. Will recommend you.

  70. shawn (verified owner)

    These guys get 10 out of 10 in my opinion. This was my third order and shipping is fast to the states 7-9 days and there product is excellent great dye . There customer service is a++ thanks Marco !!!

  71. Riza (verified owner)

    This is to confirm i got the package, really fast and convenient. I will be ordering more in coming day. Best of luck :)

  72. blastafonte (verified owner)

    delivery to canada in june, took less than two weeks. anonymous packaging and innocuous product description made for an easy delivery. solid quality product. professional shop, I’m quite impressed!

  73. Andrew (verified owner)

    Placed order 5-Aug. Received 3-Sep. That’s fast given country is in Central Asia, and customs check. Great job! Will come back to get more

  74. EastCoastUS (verified owner)

    Placed order on 8/16…delivered 8/27. Only complaint is that it required a signature. very good customer service. Will be a return buyer; I hope this supplier sticks around because hes one of very few left;

  75. Jim (verified owner)

    Came to North Europe in 4 days. Great packaging and nicely colored product.

  76. derrick (verified owner)

    Ive been through a few suppliers before I ran into these guys and all I have to say is EXCELLENT! Best product ive had yet, fast delivery and GREAT price! AND a free gift..im glad I stumbled apon you guys..thx alot ;)

  77. Amazing service / Jo (verified owner)

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for my previous order of Mimosa Hostilis bark. It arrived extremely fast and was packed very well. I’m very happy with your service and you have just earned yourself a repeat customer! Please continue running your business how you are now, you’re doing a fantastic job and I cant think of any better way for you to serve your customers.

  78. Senoxa (verified owner)

    Dying some shirts as I type this, people are happy! Thanks guys!

  79. Holland (verified owner)

    Excellent service! Ordered & Paid at 12/06. Received package 14/06! Will order again when out of MHRB.

  80. Rhona Capoy (verified owner)

    My mimosa etc arrived in 2 weeks to the Philippines. Very nice vacuum packed, superb quality of products. And you have by far the best prices. Thanks a lot.

  81. Poke (verified owner)

    fast arrived :) everything is very fine !

  82. Aleksandr (verified owner)


  83. 5meodemitri (verified owner)

    this is my 3rd order from you guys and once again made it through with no problems with customs. Thank you so much for the extra generous free gift as well! I will be back for more once again!

  84. Play (verified owner)

    I have received your shipment thank you for the fast response! All seems well so far though Thanks so much.

  85. pad (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say I received the package today. It successfully arrived! Thank you again!

  86. Brain (verified owner)

    The package arrived. Thank you again, for the great service and turn around time.

  87. willem (verified owner)

    Thanks for the fast shipping and present!I I will soon order more.. :D

  88. 5meodemitri (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! Order made it safely and the dye is top notch! Being the hippie I am I never use synthetic dyes and finding this amazing pink/purple natural dye is quite a find! Keep up the good work! Also thank you for including your Acacia brown dye as a sample, will be sampling it soon and will write another review.

  89. Thanks / Focus (verified owner)

    Thank you for the fast and discrete shipping, my order arrived safely!!

  90. Spec (verified owner)

    It has arrived. many thanks for perfect packing and xtra gift :)

  91. Alex (verified owner)

    Fast and discreet sending, no problems with customs. I highly recommend this dealer.

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