Trichilia catigua -Catuaba Bark-

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  • Botanically accurate
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Latin name:  Trichilia catigua
Also Known as: Chuchuhuasha, Tatuaba, Pau de Reposta, Piratancara and Caramuru

Origin: Brasil


Trichilia catigua -Catuaba Bark-

Trichilia catigua is a species used in folk medicine and shamanism. Catuaba is the name for an infusion made from Trichilia catigua bark. It is often referred to as a tea, but as it is not derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, it is not a tea, but an infusion. The name Catuaba (pronounced [ka.too.’aba]), means “what gives strength to the Indian”.

Catuaba was used traditionally in Brazil by the local indigenous peoples as an analgesic, nervous stimulant and especially as an aphrodisiac. It is still widely used in Brazil for these purposes. The most widely used catuaba barks are derived from the tree Trichilia catigua.

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