Borneo Red Vein

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Latin name: Mitragyna speciosa
Also know as: 
Kratom, ketum

Origin: Indonesia
Supplier-ID: KTB-1406X

Mitragyna speciosa – Borneo Red Vein

Our Borneo kratom strains are sustainable harvested from wild kratom trees in the jungles near the Kapuas river. It’s a 100% natural and pure handpicked kratom leaf. These Borneo strains are the most common kratom available on the market and are greatly appreciated among Kratom-fans. It is a good all-round kratom!

Many Kratom suppliers name Borneo Kratom as Bali Kratom, resulting in the growing demand for Bali Kratom. For reasons of transparency, we keep the right name of the regions for our Kratom, so Borneo!

The point is, there really isn’t such a thing as Balinese Kratom. The tree is growing on other Indonesian islands, but not on Bali or Lombok, and can’t even be found in Java. The main Indonesian strains are originating from Borneo (Kalimantan) or Sumatra, not Bali or Java.

Notice: (Novel In Food) Raw plant material not a food in the EU!


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Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Borneo Red Vein

  1. tanagashi (verified owner)

    It’s kratom, works well enough. Effect is noticeable really fast when drunk as tea. Tried having it as dry powder – can take hours to start working this way, and produced a horrible pounding headache the next morning.

  2. Pascal (verified owner)

    Man braucht nicht viel dazu sagen.
    Mein absolutes Lieblingskratom, schöne warme Wirkung

  3. Jose

    I like the batch they are holding around these dates. Last one was very powerful so I re-ordered in hopes to have the same kind (It would send me to a deep sleep on medium dosage). This time is different but I like it for different reasons. Its potency its low but the effects are good. Its not the heavy edating red you would expect, but gives a calm and collected effect that is useful thru the day without much headspace effect or anything else. I always order at least 3 strains and I always hope to have one like this. Specially if among the 3 I have a powerfull one that would get me a bit “weird”.

  4. Urabus

    Good strain, 5 gr is enough for me. Not energetic at all wich i like.
    Batch RZ-0103S
    Shipping is very fast to DPD pick up point ( 2 days only ).
    Packing is very nice!

    I will never buy Kratom again in other shop! Low price & high quality, the best match!

  5. nicolasdewilde0 (verified owner)

    First time buying and everything was fine !

  6. delukas

    Ordering for more than 1,5 years now. The quality was everytime excellent. Shipping Time to Germany is a joke, maybe 3 days or less. Best Shop in europe!

  7. Benjamin

    Good quality pleasant effect. I love it.

  8. elipzer

    Impressive Strain. I use it mainly to relax after work and as an analgesic. At higher doses (>= 5g) the sedative effects become very strong.

  9. Kamil

    For me this kratom is very similar to Red Thai, maybe little less energetic. Great strain.

  10. joshua.schueppen

    Very nice batch/strain at the moment. Potency is 8/10.
    Well balanced effects.

  11. leck

    This is an excellent strain. Being a recent transplant to Europe, this is as good as anything I’ve bought in the United States.

    I also appreciate that Gaiana resent my order after the deliver company was unable to get it to me initially. Gaiana quickly responded to my emails and made sure that I was able to pick it up when they sent it again.

  12. mbahu_baba (verified owner)

    I am full surprised to how good this kratom is. I was skeptical at first but after recieveing my first ever kilo of kratom, I am now a fan. i have useD more common pain medication everyday for some years, and i recieve THE SAME analgesia, sedation and euphoria with kratom.

  13. Adrian (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the product

  14. Valentin (verified owner)

    Very potent and long lasting strain! Its mostly sedating, relaxing and also euphoric. Definitely one of my new favorites.

    In general the Shop is highly recommendable. They always send off orders fast and the customer service is very friendly and helpful.

  15. mathieu.lehmann67

    RED KRATOM IS THE BEST! Effet ressenti déjà avec 3g ! Franchement génial, je ne pourrais plus m’en passé! Merci Gaiana ! Gros bisous à vous !

  16. Demetrios

    This is the real deal,
    high potency dark green leaf powder,
    contains more stems and veins compared to their red Thai strain, very relaxing even at lower doses. Very efficient at eliminating pain at higher does.
    Try it, and you shall be impressed

  17. Rob

    Working from home – 5g of this has me focused and relaxed. Very smooth, very clean.

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