Aztekium ritteri -Aztec Cacti Seeds-

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Latin name: Aztekium ritteri (syn.Echinocactus ritteri)
Also know as: 
Aztec Cacti, Peyotillo

Aztekium ritteri – Aztec Cacti

Aztekium ritteri is a species of cactus, in the genus Aztekium. It is one of the three species that make up the genus. Aztekium is a genus endemic to Mexico. The name of this genus refers to the similarity of the plant with Aztec sculpture designs. The species epithet ‘ritteri’ has been selected to honor the collector Friedrich Ritter.

In Mexico, Aztekium ritterii it is called “Peyotillo.” However, even though it contains N-methyltyramine, hordenine, anhalidine, mescaline, pellotine, and 3-methoxytyramine, there have been no ethnobotanical reports that state that it has ever been used by the indigenous people of the area.

About Bolivian Cactus

Aztekium ritteri is a small plant (around 20 mm wide), with 9 to 11 ribs, which typically have transverse wrinkles. Its color varies from pale green to grayish-green. The center of the cactus contains a lot of white wool. Flowers are small, with white petals and pinkish sepals. The plants bear small pinkish berry-like fruits. A. hintonii is larger, to 10 cm in diameter, 10 to 18 grooved ribs, flowers magenta to 3 cm. It grows only on gypsum.

The Aztekium blooms throughout the summer. The small pinkish and white flowers are produced abundantly. They generally measure less than 1cm in diameter. They are followed by small pink fruit that open when ripe and let out tiny seeds. These species grow extremely slowly, taking around two years to attain a diameter of 3 mm. They are usually propagated by seeds.

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