Echinopsis macrogona -Bolivian Cacti-

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Latin name: Echinopsis macrogona (syn. Trichocereus macrogonus)
Also know as: 
Bolivian cactus

Echinopsis macrogona – Bolivian Cacti

Echinopsis macrogona (syn. Trichocereus macrogonus), is a species possibly found in Bolivia but the species could never be found in Bolivia again. Originally, it was assumed that the plant came from Brasil and collector Borg wrote that the plant came from Bolivia or Argentinia but that could not be verified. The collector Rauh found a Trichocereus in 1954 (collection number K68-1954) that may have been the wild Trichocereus macrogonus. That plant was found around the Mantaro Area in the middle of Peru.

About Bolivian Cactus

It has a shrubby habit, with erect columnar stems around 2–3 m (7–10 ft) tall and 5–9 cm (2.0–3.5 in) in diameter. The stem is bluish green with 6–9 prominent ribs. The gray colored areoles have yellow-brown spines; there are 1–3 longer central spines, up to 5 cm (2.0 in) long, and 6–9 shorter radial spines, up to 2 cm (0.8 in) long. Large white flowers, up to 18 cm (7.1 in) long, are borne at the top of the stems.

The seeds of Echinopsis macrogona are like most other Echinopsis & Trichocereus seeds. They need light to germinate and should be sprinkled on top of the soil. They require a minimum germination temperature between 25° and 30° celsius and seedlings need to be watched carefully to prevent heat damage, because though temps up to 30° celsius increase germination rates, everything above can kill the young seedlings in an instant. Watch out for mold or fungus gnats. However, Echinopsis macrogona seedlings are actually tough.

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