Ephedra viridis -Ephedra Seeds-

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Latin name: Ephedra viridis
Also know as: Ephedra, Ma huang, Green Mormon tea, Green Ephedra, and Indian Tea

Ephedra viridis Seeds

Ephedra viridis was used medicinally by both Native Americans and the ancient Chinese (using their own local species of the genus) to treat various afflictions. In modern medicine, Ephedra viridis is to treat sinus illnesses such as hay fever, common colds, and sinusitis. This use is supported by clinical trials, as is its treatment of bronchial asthma.

The drug ephedrine, an antidepressant and decongestant, is made from this and other Ephedra species. A tea can be made by boiling the stems, whence the common name, “green Mormon tea”. Because Ephedra viridis can be used as an appetite suppressant, it is used illegally by some athletes to lose weight and build muscle.

About Ephedra viridis

The Ephedra viridis shrub is woody below, topped with many dense clusters of erect bright green twigs. They may yellow somewhat with age. Nodes along the twigs are marked by the tiny pairs of vestigial leaves, which start out reddish but soon dry to brown or black. Since the leaves are no longer functional, the stems are green and photosynthetic. Male plants produce pollen cones at the nodes, each under a centimeter long with protruding yellowish sporangiophores. Female plants produce seed cones which are slightly larger and contain two seeds each.

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