Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – Seeds

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  • Sustainable harvest
  • Guaranteed viable
  • Without pesticides
  • Botanically accurate
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Latin name: Argyreia nervosa
Also know as:
HBWR, LSA Seeds, Adhoguda, Vidhara, Elephant Creeper and Woolly Morning Glory

Origin: Madagascar

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Its large furry seeds grow in seed pods.

(10 grams are approximately 100 seeds )

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – Seeds

  1. R. (verified owner)

    Wow, the seeds are very powerful and the freshest I’ve ever seen. Thank you Gaiana, the value for money is just crazy, my garden is going to be beautiful

  2. Yan (verified owner)

    These seeds are absolutely incredible! I’ve also had some from different vendors already, but these are indeed the best so far! Also the price is very much unbeatable. 6 seeds gave me such a good insight of myself and made me experience a feeling of overwhelming, pure love for hours! I also didn’t feel sick at the beginning, but that probably depends on the situation and individual. Pretty underestimated the power of this wonderful plant! Looking forward to the next journey.

    Thank you Gaiana!!

  3. Mario (verified owner)


  4. artsndcrfts (verified owner)

    Best value seeds, but results haven’t all been conclusive ( one strong experience, 3 purge-only ones) so I decided to plant some 5 months ago.

    2/3 germination after scarifying and soaking the seeds. Good as a semi-shade vine with large leaves, waiting patiently for some fresh seeds from the vine in a year or two ^^

  5. Tomas (verified owner)

    These are the cutest little seeds you can find!

  6. willy-p (verified owner)

    Very strong! Be carefull of the dosage because it takes several hours after take it to make its effect.

  7. Bram (verified owner)

    Strong seeds, very nice product!

  8. Ozic

    Actually your products are great.
    3 of your seeds made me quit alcohol and become a vegetarian on the same day.
    They were/are stronger than before i’ve tried. They are the best.

  9. alex (verified owner)

    These are some very potent seeds, the price is good for the amount you get, shipping was fast and the staff were very helpful :)
    Now obviously everyone’s body and mind are different and with HBWR you really don’t know what to expect until you experience it. I was fortunate that the seeds responded very well to me.
    I ate a small slice of raw ginger, then ingested 8 seeds removing the white coating. These seeds are just as (if not more) intense. I’ve tried many other psychedelics so I’ll give some key differences I noticed LSA has:
    1. Trails are very strong compared to LSD/ Psilocybin
    2. Auditory visions/ hallucinations are more noticeable
    3. Stronger sense of elation, ecstasy than other psychedelics (at times I could compare it to MDMA)

  10. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality I am really excited. Much better than comparable products from other shops.

  11. Ser (verified owner)

    Great. These are untreated. Just make sure to peel the white stuff off of them, ground them, mix with garlic and warm water..

  12. yoanncorne

    Very good LSA seeds,better quality than other compagny and the lower price of the market.
    One more time Gaiana proved is the better compagny of the market.
    Long life gaiana shop!

  13. Alessandro (verified owner)

    Ordered 100 and the staff was very helpful with my shipping needs. I too was a bit skeptical because of the considerably lower price compared to other smartshops, but the great quality really surprised me! It’s the first time I buy these seeds but I’d say these are the best you can get for sure! Great work Gaiana!

  14. Random

    i was pleasantly surprised by the previously order of 200 hbw seeds i was skeptical about the price/amount in comparison with some smartshops, but gaiana really seems to beat them in quality and price!

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