Protium paniculatum -Copal Black-

Protium paniculatum -Copal Black-

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Product Description

Latin name: Protium paniculatum
Also know as:
Peruvian Copal, Black Copal, Palo Santo Resin

Copal -Black- is harvested in the amazonian rainforest’s of Peru. Black Copal originates of the Burseracea Tree-family which is the same tree as Palo Santo. In Peru this Copal is used during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Fragrance: a very fresh, slightly citrus, forest fragrance with a pleasant balsamic touch

Properties: The fragrance of Copal – Black – opens and brings mind and body in balance, works refreshing,stimulates and increase focus.

How to Burn Resins:

Light the charcoal with matches or lighter for about 20 seconds until it self-ignites. Use tongs to hold it up (never hold it with your fingers alone or you might get burned). Place the lit charcoal in a bowl or any incense burner. The bowl or incense burner should be filled with sand or dirt.  Let the charcoal warm for a few minutes. (It turns gray around the edges when it is ready)  Now you are ready! Add a small amount of resin on top of the charcoal. The resin will burn and soon release essential, aromatic oils through the smoke. Continue to place resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a continuous burn.

Notice: Our products are not at “food grade” and are not intended for consumption.


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