Colonia de Jazmin -221ml-

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  • The original
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Colonia de Jazmin -221ml-

Colonia de Jazmin 221ml – Also know as Jasmin cologne or Agua de Jazmin. This is the original Colonia de Jazmin from Peru based on alcohol. It is used in (cleansing) rituals, shamanism and other occult applications. And traditionally used for happiness, relationships and love, but also after a meditation or healing to soften the space. Caution: be careful with the skin and eyes. Not for internal use.

About Colonia de Jazmin

The scent of Colonia de Jazmin is known for its sweet, strong, exotic and floral scent. Its powerful aroma increases self-esteem and optimism, relieves depression, calms nerves, relaxes the body, eliminates worries and uplifts the spirit. In aromatherapy it is used emotionally as an aphrodisiac and physically as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever.

Colonia de Jazmin helps with emotional problems that have their origin in relationships and sexuality. It supports our ability to give and opens our senses to beauty. It gives us confidence and acts as a natural antidepressant. It also promotes economic success.

Original Product from Peru

This is a cologne from the C’est Si Bon series by Lanman & Kemp. From the makers of the original Agua de Florida. This original cologne is made in Peru based on Peruvian sugar cane alcohol. It has it’s own unique composition, smells a lot fresher and energetic. It is more powerful then other cheaper/non-originals. Most Peruvian shamans use only the original for their cleansing rituals and ceremonies.

WARNINGS: not for internal use. Inflammable. Careful with open fire. Use only in well-ventilated spaces. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials. Avoid contact with skin and clothes. May cause allergic reactions. This cologne can be sprinkled in spaces.

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