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Latin name: Mitragyna speciosa
Also know as: 
Kratom, ketum, kratum

Origin: Thailand
Supplier-ID: RZ-1223T

This kratom strain originates in Thailand, however due to the ban on kratom in Thailand it was brought to Indonesia. Where the tree also loved to florages and was kept and cultivated among kratom farmers in Indonesia.  This kratom strain is clearly a red vein and offers everything you are looking for in a red kratom strain. It has become one of our staple kratom strains!

Notice: Our products are not at “food grade” and are not intended for consumption.

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Reviews (43)

43 reviews for Red Thai

  1. markus

    Durch ein Sample kennengelernt und direkt verliebt. Und auch sonst toller Shop zum Entdecken mit Top Qualität Günstig und schnell!

  2. Nicolas W (verified owner)

    Great kratom. Works with low doses. Would recommend Gaiana to everyone looking for quality.

  3. mucho macho

    i really like this one. 10/10 of potency and 10/10 for the taste for the batch 1103S.
    The effect is relaxing and energizing at the same time. Effective at low doses too. Thanks Gaiana, i am glad to see that you have best quality kratom again.

  4. jailta

    thanks gain for the sample, I m happy to say that this red Thai is actually really good and has a long lasting effects! can recommend

  5. arthurito

    the red thai batch RP-0103S that just show up in january is good.
    the taste is ok , 8/10.
    and the potency is mild but works good, 7/10.
    it’s a real red, sedated and energized.
    thanks gaiana.

  6. Nero

    Okay, I had some issues with the delivery of quality. But Gaiana TEAM Did assist to support and arrange a solutions accordingly, thank you Gaiana! I did receive the product accordingly!

  7. nicolasdewilde0 (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast shipping time. I have yet to try the product but I have no doubt about its quality.

  8. tomco245

    Hallo,ich leide seit Jahren. Am Restless legs Syndrom.
    Dieses Kratom ist ein Segen.
    Die Symptome sind weg.

  9. JameA (verified owner)

    great product great price and super fast delivery.what more could you want?

  10. Caspian (verified owner)

    I have been ordering off Gaiana for ages now and they are always great. This last batch (RZ-101OR) was fantastic: Great potency, quite euphoric, is long lasting, mainly sedating but has a slight energy to it. Good for night and day depending on dose.

  11. desmedtsam96

    Good sedating strain. Very potent and nice euphoria! Was very pleased with this one!

  12. fayzerhd (verified owner)

    5 working days to get to Spain throught postnl,dont freak out because postnl doesnt update the tracking, very happy now^^ will update the review of this red thai when i test it well enough

  13. mike

    very good red strain. relaxation , euphoria . one of the best i have tried.

  14. cezlasowski

    Best strain of reds u can get anywhere. Deep relax, cures social phobia, you’ll sleep like a baby! I recommend that for people who want to try kratom for first time. Its much better than any green or white. Trust me :D.

  15. Lucas

    Totally awesome. Relaxation, but not disconnection.

  16. Thomas (verified owner)

    The batch at the moment is good. Not the least as incredible as the batch i wrote about before, but that batch of red thai was out of this world. The current batch is good, give it a shot, you will not be dissapointed. Great quality kratom, definitely a red, so you know what to expect.

  17. Benjamin

    I was skeptical at first but the quality really convinced me. Very pleasant and no side effects. In a higher dosage pleasantly sedating and strong effect. Fast delivery and well packed. Thank you Gaiana you have a new regular customer.

  18. ricomeier

    Das beste Kratom welches ich je konsumiert habe.

  19. Frederik

    Very potent and my favorite among my sample pack. gives you a warm and happy feeling of relaxation while not making you sleepy at all. ordered this again earlier today!

  20. elipzer

    This is a very potent strain (#RZ-7105). My advise is to start with a lower dose. I also noticed strong euphoric effects. Is this normal for red thai kratom ?

  21. marlionikof

    Got it yesterday and have to agree !
    Very potent, euphoric and energizing in lowdose and taste is really good. Got RZ-7113 as part of a 500gr. test-pack. Delivery took 2 days :)
    Thumbs up for you Gaiana-Team.

  22. Kamil (verified owner)

    It,s like winter afternoon under warm blanket with a cup of cocoa in my hand;) Realy strong strain, very warm und euphoric.

  23. Marc

    I just took my first dose and i can already feel this is some good quality kratom! Right now this is the best vendor for the money if you buy in kilo’s. Thanks Gaiana!

  24. Thomas (verified owner)

    The current batch of Red Thai is my favorite kratom strain in over a year (or two). Very balanced, very satisfying, not overwhelming, just perfect. “Meet your better self” kratom / zen kratom ;)

  25. Marcin (verified owner)

    Gaiana thanks for such fast delivery and best quality

  26. marvin1337x

    Great Strain & Great Shop – just as always.

  27. hongokentesh (verified owner)

    got RZ-7156 instead of RZ-7105 which I ordered.

  28. Nadja (verified owner)

    My favorite strain from my favourite vendor. Most potent and long-lasting but also most pleasant. Not obtrusive, neither in effect nor taste.
    Thank you for your reliability, gaiana!

  29. Stephane

    Excellent kratom reçu récemment.

  30. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  31. Anita

    Superschnelle Lieferung, sehr kulanter Service. Ich kann diesen Vendor nur empfehlen.

  32. marcel1plus

    i love it, really strong but also relaxing and smooth. I love gaiana, shipment to germany inclusive payment via bank transfer took only 2 days, thats unbelivably fast. Thank you gaiana team :)

  33. segin

    My order arrived about 18 hours after paying. Really good and profesionell working Vendor.
    This strain is really strong. Very good Quality. You should try this strain if you don’t already had

  34. marvin1337x

    Very high potency (9/10) and mainly sedating, don’t take too much from it, very long lasting.

  35. Kevin (verified owner)

    Really good Kratom! Also had a sample of Super Red Agatha, but Red Thai was so much stronger!
    Great quality.

  36. Adrian (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with this variety, it sedates and suppresses pain well. Clear purchase recommendation

  37. Constantinos

    It relaxed me so good and everything was comfortable and warm. I gave it my father for his chronic back pain and he want more!

  38. valerio.assenzo

    That’s Kratom! Comfortable, nice and sexy! In lowdose it will push you forward, in highdose very dizzy and dabby! I’ll give it a A++! Thanks to Gaiana :)

  39. teqnology (verified owner)

    Strong Kratom, definitely recommend this one. Don’t take too much of it though.

  40. Valentin

    Very potent, sedating, high quality strain. You should not take too much, than its great for relaxing after a working day.

  41. Chronos (verified owner)

    The best Kratom I’ve ever had. Really strong.

  42. luga07

    I haven’t tried all products yet, but until now this was the best I got from here. Seems to be very potent, it’s a very sedating strain though (which may or may not be of your preference, for me it is ;)). Also texture and taste already tell you that this is a high quality product. Give it a try ;D

  43. Demetrios (verified owner)

    High quality product & Highly respected shop!
    shipped to the UK in 3 working days, received a flat box with 2 bags of sealed 500g super fine red thai.
    smell is so fresh and pungent smells through the sealed bag! super fine leaf powder full of alkaloids
    overall impressed, best bang for your buck no doubt!
    shall be placing my next order soon
    Kratomizer :)

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