Borneo Green Vein

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Latin name: Mitragyna speciosa
Also know as: 
Kratom, ketum

Origin: Indonesia
Supplier-ID: RZ-0103U

Mitragyna speciosa – Borneo Green Vein

Our Borneo kratom strains are sustainable harvested from wild kratom trees in the jungles near the Kapuas river. It’s a 100% natural and pure handpicked kratom leaf. These Borneo strains are the most common kratom available on the market and are greatly appreciated among Kratom-fans. It is a good all-round kratom!

Many Kratom suppliers name Borneo Kratom as Bali Kratom, resulting in the growing demand for Bali Kratom. For reasons of transparency, we keep the right name of the regions for our Kratom, so Borneo!

The point is, there really isn’t such a thing as Balinese Kratom. The tree is growing on other Indonesian islands, but not on Bali or Lombok, and can’t even be found in Java. The main Indonesian strains are originating from Borneo (Kalimantan) or Sumatra, not Bali or Java.

Notice: Our products are not at “food grade” and are not intended for consumption.

Our current kratom listing is avaible here: Kratom Here

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Borneo Green Vein

  1. Martynas (verified owner)

    Honestly one of the best kratoms i ordered from this site! I only use gaiana for fast and secure shipping though, but this one really the best for me!

  2. willy

    The perfect response if you suffer of social anxiety (like all green veins I tried). Make your stress to low level with a mild energetic effect.
    My orders to Gaiana take 4 days to reach France. Thank you very much!

  3. tobias

    Nice quality. Stimulating and chiills me out, but in higher doses (one tablespoon/6-7 grams) I start to become a little nauseous. One time I almoust threw up but I drink Kratom most of the time on an empty stomache… might be linked to that. All in all a decent strain, that I would recomend for the daytime.

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Its a nice strain, i ordered it a few times. I often do my house cleaning after drinking the tea.
    The Packaging is very good, it fits in the mailbox. The Delivery is also always very fast.
    I would give this 5 Stars but the last order was not that good. Batch NR RZ-2914S and Maeng da Green PR15-3421S from these 2 i was needing 2 spoons, instead of just 1. wich is not that cool.
    I will order again and hope that it was just a bad catch.
    up to now i had like 5 orders without problems, so thank you for the service

  5. cpsher (verified owner)

    Borneo GV is my favourite strain and this does not disappoint. Potent, deeply therapeutic and with that mood-improving effect that makes green vein the best option for me.

  6. TimR

    It’s a nice strain. Quite potent, a bit more sedating than euphorigenic, but very suitable for everyday life.

  7. arthurito

    the new batch of green vein bornéo RZ-0103S is very nice in taste and quite potent.
    8/10 of potency and 10/10 in taste.

    very good kratom, nice effect, feel sedated and euphorised. thanks gaiana.

  8. elipzer

    Mild but potent strain. Gives a bit of both sedation and euphoria. I like it!

  9. Sebastian

    Tolles Kratom, starkes Anfluten, sehr potent. Fühlt sich aber mehr wie ein Roter Strain an, sehr sedierend.

  10. marvin1337x

    High potency (9/10) and mainly sedating, no euphoria at all.

  11. Jannos (verified owner)

    Zuverlässiger Shop, Preis, Lieferung und Qualität bis jetzt Genial. Diese Sorte ist extrem Potent… Lange Wirkung… War echt ein wenig überfordert, im Positiven Sinne^^ Danke!

  12. forest

    my favorite kratom! nice mellow high

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    Great Strain! Feels similar to Red Thai.


  • Borneo White VeinBorneo White Vein

    Amazing strain, ultra potent. Amazing euphoria, extra energy.


  • mimosa-hostilis-root-barkMimosa hostilis -Jurema-

    Your mimosa is fokking awesome!!

    John Doe

  • Mitragyna speciosa Borneo Red VeinBorneo Red Vein

    Man braucht nicht viel dazu sagen. Mein absolutes Lieblingskratom, schöne warme Wirkung


  • Camellia-sinensis-Green-Tea-GunpowderCamellia sinensis -Green Tea-

    This is not a high quality tea, make no mistake (still better than the sh*t they put in the tea…


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