Pontianak Red Horn

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Latin name: Mitragyna speciosa
Also know as: 
Kratom, ketum

Origin: Indonesia
Supplier-ID: RZ-0105U

The Pontianak Red Horn is a horned kratom leaf harvested in Pontianak Indonesia and is comparable to a Maeng Da strain,… yet the same but different.

Most horned kratom leaves are referred to a Maeng Da strains, because the Maeng Da leaves where identified and separated by the leaves that had pins on the edges. Where as the most common kratom leaves have rounded edge.

Maend Da vs Normal Kratom

Maend Da vs Normal Kratom

Notice: Our products are not at “food grade” and are not intended for consumption.

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Additional information


Reviews (31)

31 reviews for Pontianak Red Horn

  1. rpuettmann

    Gute Sorte um Abends zu entspannen. Stimuliert auch sehr gut. Gibt ein wärmendes Gefühl (4G).

  2. Raul (verified owner)

    Friendly warning, current batch RZ-0105T, not that great 6.5/10. Don’t get me wrong, it still works well, but is pretty mild, it even has a has bit more push than regular Pontianak but it does not turn me on, tune me in and drop me out.
    Pontianak is hands down my all-time favorite but I’m waiting for a new batch.

  3. chroms (verified owner)

    Sehr sehr frische Ware, tolle Wirkung. Nehme es am Wochenende zur vollkommenen Zufriedenheit und Entspannung.
    Sie haben mit mir einen neuen Stammkunden durch Ihre klasse Sorte gewonnen und auch verdient!

  4. Colin (verified owner)

    Really like this one.
    Batch: RZ-4502S

    Looks fresh, strong one, mellow/warm feeling, and despite tolerance from other Red Strains I got a nice euphoria. Top!

    Thanks Gaiana.

  5. mucho macho (verified owner)

    The pontianak red with the batch 1103S is very good. Great potency 9/10 and and a very discrete taste. As always the pontianak is strong and active at low doses. Very good to mix up with others kratom. You’ve got the best gaiana.

  6. jailta

    very potent red strain, I really liked it !
    thanks Gaiana for the good quality

  7. Urabus

    Very strong strain. At 4gr, it’s already very intense.
    Taste is ok.
    Batch RZ-1023R

  8. arthurito (verified owner)

    the new batch RZ-1023-R is quite nice. the taste is nice 9/10.
    and the potency is good 8/10.
    active at very low dose as always with pontianak.
    this one could be sedadive like red borneo but in larger doses it could be overwhelming and quite energizing like maengda does.
    thanks gaiana

  9. Schizzo (verified owner)

    Very good red strain Kratom.
    Potent, fresh, nice taste.
    I’m surprised by the good quality that Gaiana provides.
    I tried many shops and Gaiana seems to be the best one for Kratom I have experienced so far.
    The packaging is also very nice and convenient.
    Thoroughly recommended.

  10. fmarekf

    My second time ordering from Gaiana, and certainly not the last time. Shipping took just 2 days(it generally takes up to a week from other vendors).
    As for this strain, it’s simply amazing. At my dosage of around 2.5 – 3.5 grams, it’s very calming and euphoric, but also somehow motivating and energetic. The euphoric peak lasts for at least 2 hours, which is followed by another 3 to 4 hours of a very relaxing mellow high. I use it in the evening while playing games or watching TV series, but it can definitely be used during the day, or to be productive.

  11. boelens (verified owner)

    I don’t want to rate this too low since it seems people have really good experiences with this. I got batch “RZ-1023R” and I’m guessing the batch I got just was a bit on the lower quality side by pure chance, as this strain didn’t really seem to do a lot for me even in quite heavy doses. Judging by the reviews I might try this one again if there’s a new batch available, as I am quite curious. The other stuff I got from Gaiana so far has been amazing though so I’m sure it’s not their fault.

  12. Mathieu (verified owner)

    After having tested many strains in many european vendors, this is by far the best strain I bought. I buy it regularly since 1 year, and even if the dosage varies among the batches, the effect is still the same: a perfect combination between euphoria, warmness, relaxation, and even energy. And I can say you won’t find any strain as euphoric as this one. I like green riau and elephant green for euphoria too, but this one is way more efficient to reach this effect. The best of the bests, believe me !

  13. classicraul

    Really nice strain for evenings, not too sedating, reminds me more of mellow greens but without that extra energy. Perfect combination between energy, euphoria and sedation, definitely a keeper, sleeping also possible afterwards.

  14. dannyremes

    I have tried them all and believe me this is the strongest and most euphoric strain. Very sedating and warm. This is by far my favorite. Please keep in stock Gaiana

  15. JameAnderston

    Nice strain RP-0419T.Fast acting and strong.
    As always fast delivery from Gaiana. Would definitely buy again.

  16. wess

    Really strong strain. For me only tolerable in evenings. During daytime use I tend to lose focus and “indulge” too much, even with smaller doses.

  17. Christoph

    Ich hab 10 Sorten hier durch probiert. Diese war echt stark und erzeugte ein angenehmes Körpergefühl und ist sehr aphordisierend. Werde ich jetzt noch mal bestellen.

  18. cezlasowski

    This one is even better than red thai. Really recommend it. Pleasant relaxation and ulifted mood.

  19. grimoire (verified owner)

    very nice kratom with good potency and longlasting glow of sedation, happyness and energy too! between 3-4g is perfect for me. With some strains I have a hangover which can be a head ache or general crankyness, but with this strain I feel fine the next day:)

  20. topoma (verified owner)

    I bought red pontianak because red thai was out of stock. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s really, really good kratom, active at low amounts about 1 to 1,5 gram – no joke. By the way: gaiana is definitely the best place to buy kratom, you won’t find a better price-quality ratio on the web. Please keep up the good service, quality, and prices. Thank you very much.

  21. elipzer

    Great Strain! Feels similar to Red Thai.

  22. Roberto

    My favorite strain, I try to never run out of this ;-)

  23. Benjamin

    Eines der besten das ich jemals hatte! Bei 5g schon sehr potent und sedierend. Der Service von Gaiana selbst war auch wieder hervorragend.

    One of the Strongest i ever had! Thanks Gaiana

  24. SEAN

    Slow and gentle to start, warming and motivating – a friend with chronic pain confirms it is a very effective painkiller.

  25. Frederik

    Along with Red Thai my favorite from a sample pack. When dosed right it got me into a happy zone full of power and energy, making me work for 6h straight on projects while never losing my focus.

  26. marvin1337x

    Great strain!
    It gives u alot of energy and makes u euphoric!
    I absolutely love it!

  27. Anita

    Erstaunlich starke Sorte. In höherer Dosierung seeehr sedierend. Niedriger dosiert mit Euphorie-Kicks und angenehm entspannend. Super schnelle Lieferung, super Qualität und Preis. Danke Gaiana! :)

  28. joshua.schueppen

    I would rate the currently potency ofthis strain 7,5/10. It is mainly sedating. Pontianak Red is awesome to mix with other, more euphoric strains.

  29. marvin1337x

    I’ve got this as a free sample.
    The potency is above average 7/10, it’s mainly sedating but got some euphoria too. Interesting strain!

  30. luga07

    Surprisingly strong strain, would advise to start with a lower amount even with tolerance. Seems to be very fresh also. Recommended!

  31. Jan_TNT

    The “Pontianak Horn” is a strong strain.
    Color is pretty red, so better use it in the evening .

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