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Latin name: Anadenanthera colubrina
Also know as: vilca, huilco, huilca, wilco, willka, curupay, cebil, or angico

Origin: Ecuador
Supplier-ID: WK-0211X

Anadenanthera colubrina – Seeds

Anadenanthera colubrina is a perennial tree of the genus Anadenanthera native to the Caribbean and South America. It grows up to 20 m (66 ft) tall, and has a horny bark. Its flowers grow in small, pale yellow to white spherical clusters resembling Acacia inflorescences. The leaves are mimosa-like, up to 30 cm (12 in) in length and they fold up at night.

Anadenanthera colubrina produces flowers from September to December and bean pods from September to July. In Brazil Anadenanthera colubrina has been given “high priority” conservation status.

This plant is almost identical to that of a related tree, Anadenanthera peregrina, commonly known as yopo or jopo. The beans of Anadenanthera peregrina have a similar chemical makeup as Anadenanthera colubrina.

The usage of Anadenanthera colubrina

In northeastern Brazil, the tree is primarily used as timber and for making wooden implements. “It is used in construction and for making door and window frames, barrels, mooring masts, hedges, platforms, floors, agricultural implements and railway sleepers.” The wood is also reportedly a preferred source of cooking fuel, since it makes a hot and long-lasting fire. It is widely used there in the making of fences, since termites seem not to like it. At one time, it was used in the construction of houses, but people are finding it more difficult to find suitable trees for that purpose.

It is an entheogen which has been used in healing ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years in northern South America and the Caribbean. In some tribes the seeds are used to make snuffs, the seeds are powdered or made into a paste with some lime or ash, and then blown into the nostrils by an assistant.

Characteristics and usage: ornamental plant, reforestation plant, medicinal plant, ritual plant.
Weight of 1000 seeds: 167g

How to grow Anadenanthera colubrina

Anadenanthera seeds typically do not have issues sprouting. They can be stored for at least several year without going bad. Even seeds that you might expect to be immature can sprout. The more pressing issue with anadenathera seed germination seems to be mold and rot. For a tropical plant, it is staggering how little moisture is needed for these seeds to rot. The outer seed coat is just a papery thin layer that is shed as the embryo develops. This tends to be a good host for unwanted invaders.

Watering will also be proportionate to the amount of light and heat you give the plant. Once the seedlings sprout, we recommend putting them under direct artificial lighting. This will encourage them to grow thicker, quicker and stronger. The sooner that happens, the less likely you are to fail. Use a small fan just to get them to gently rock. Surely, you do not want to blow off the delicate leaflets. But the rocking motion will increase the strength of the stem. Air will also help keep the soil fresh, and it will increase the gas exchange that is necessary for photosynthesis.

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4 reviews for Anadenanthera colubrina -Cebil Seeds-

  1. artsndcrfts (verified owner)

    Perfect all around. 1kg delivered in 2 days to France, will last a lifetime ^^

  2. Hikaru (verified owner)

    Excellet quality. Looks really nice. Fast delivery.

  3. Bram (verified owner)

    Very potent seeds! Will order again.

  4. miska.rauma (verified owner)

    excellent quality. opening my world view to the unbound limitless quantity

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