Maeng Da – White

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Latin name: Mitragyna speciosa
Also know as: 
Kratom, ketum

Origin: Indonesia
Supplier-ID: RZN-2231U

Mitragyna speciosaMaeng Da White

The name ‘Maeng Da’ originates from Thailand and loosely translates or refers to ‘pimped’ or ‘pinded’. Pimped as in the more stronger one, but also because the Maeng Da leaves where identified and separated by the leaves that had pins on the edges. Where as the most common kratom leaves have rounded edge. The ‘pinded’ leaf is also known as Horn or Horned leaves.

Nowadays the most Maeng Da strains come from Indonesia and refer to the more stronger/potent strain or the horned leaf. Maeng Da is one of the most popular Kratom strains you can find on the market. And often advertised as the kratom with a higher alkaloid-content.

Maend Da vs Normal Kratom

Maeng Da vs Normal Kratom

Notice: (Novel In Food) Raw plant material, not a food in the EU!


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Reviews (20)

20 reviews for Maeng Da – White

  1. grudas

    very good strain, nice moodboost and energy

  2. Robin

    I just want to thank you for your awesome service. Your webbshop takes really well care of its customers and I am very happy to be a customer.
    No hassle and super fast service. Great products!!!

  3. Brian

    the best strain for productivity in my opinion

  4. Tomas (verified owner)

    It is what it delivers…

  5. jailtaz

    the last batch of WMDA is really good. Gaiana has always the best stuff.

  6. mucho macho

    the new white maeng da is nice. quite potent for a white. 7/10 potency. just the taste is not perfect, a bit bitter but drinkable ; taste 6/10. thanks gaiana

  7. Najomo (verified owner)

    Ordered 17th morning, package came 18th morning. Didn’t even pick the Express. Hopefully the quality is as good as the service

  8. Daniil Parchakov

    Gaina is just great. But I’m not sure about this strain/batch (RZ-0103S). I ordered a pack of 3 different strains and this was the only one I noticed I needed way more for same effect as other strains. I’m used to maeng da being super potent and 2-3g would give me good energy and mood lift. With this batch I’ve gone up all the way to 6g for same effect.
    But gaiana is still the best shop and every batch can’t be perfect, so I’ll still give it a 4.

  9. jailta

    great white strain, I love it for work , good energy

  10. Schizzo (verified owner)

    Very fresh, good taste, easily swallowed with water.
    Rather potent Kratom.
    Lasts from 4 – 6 hours for me.

  11. Ma_He (verified owner)

    I’m very thankfull for your service, the pricing is unbeatable and so is the quality…for most of the time. The last batch mdw (ordered early may) wasnt the quality I’m used to.
    Not that energetic and euphoric.
    Still not unsatisfied, these are natural products and and their potency varies.
    MDW is my alltime favourite for energy, euphoria and productivity, but the current batch cant live up to my (very high because of your quality, gaiana;) ) expactations.
    Curent Batch 3*
    Your Service (easily) 5*

  12. Crooger35 (verified owner)

    Once again, i am very pleased with your service and the product. You guys have one of the best quality kratom strains, just as all your other products. Shipping took 4 working days to Slovenia which is just amazing.
    Strain has a pontential to be very euphoric, espacially at higher doses (5g<), while at lower ones it makes you very productive while still provides some euphoria and can be an excellent replacement for coffee. Much love gaiana.

  13. Hugo (verified owner)

    Mmmmh I am on it now I love it so much, thanks Gaiana!

  14. Florian

    good for work but not very sedating or euphoric, the taste is very awful. it keeps the withdrawals away.

  15. Hugo (verified owner)

    Really cool strain, my favorite with white borneo. Good energy and euphoria!
    I also have a red maeng da, I’ll try to mix it

  16. Chris

    if only i knew about you before… but since that first purchase, you are the only company I deal with, and every order i do, it remembers me why i choose your service over everyone else…
    another happy and faithful customer.

  17. Ser

    Mixing red and white MD was probably the best experience I had with Kratom. It is also good on it’s own and it is my second favorite strain. Also, company sent it in a really professional way. Would recommend.

  18. Richard

    Absolutely a stellar white MD ! smooth clean energy without any edginess at all . Mixes well with the Reds .

  19. Jan_TNT

    Great energizing colour.

  20. Stefan

    2,5g of MDW produced a fresh aroma wich clears the head like a cool morning breeze

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