Precision Scale 50gx0.001g


  • Calibrated
  • USB Powered
  • Internal Battery
  • Compact and Accurate



Precision Scale 50gx0.001g

This is a compact precision scales with a low capacity for more accuracy. The capacity of 50g x 0.001g provides precision when dosing your supplements, consistently and accurately. This precision scale provides 7 units of weight measurement and can switch between grams and milligrams for a more accurate reading.

This scale has a large clear display with an auto off feature to save the batteries, tare function, counting function and calibration function. A 50gr calibration weight is included. This scale has an internal battery and can be powered and charged via USB cable. But it can also be powdered with 2 AAA batteries.

This scale is calibrated in the E.U. and this ensures that they are accurate, reliable and tested. If your scale is not calibrated in the E.U. it will not weigh correctly due to the influence of the differences in the earths gravity especially when high accuracy is required. This scale is extremely sensitive, it detects air drafts and surface vibration. For correct use, place the scale on a flat surface so the indicator is aligned in the center, calibrated the scale before use and after a replacement.


Maximum capacity : 50g
Minimum scale division: 0.001g
Dimensions: 118mm x 65mm x 33mm.
Net Weight: 107g
7 Weighing Units : g/ mg/ tl/ dwt/ gn/ ozt/ oz/ ct/
LCD Display
Bright Backlight: White
Power Control: 3 minute Auto Off feature to save batteries
Power Supply: Internal battery, USB cable or 2 AAA batteries (included)

Calibration function
Tare function
Counting function
Internal Battery
2x AAA Batteries
USB powered
USB charged

Packet content:
1 x Precision scale (50gr – 0.001gr)
1 x Removable 40mm plateau
1 x Weight scoop
1 x 50gr calibration weight
1 x Tweezers
1 x English user manual
1 x USB power cable
2 x AAA batteries

Scale settings:

Calibration Function

1. Press ON/OFF button to power on the scale.

-Display shows: 0.000

2. Press and hold MODE button.

-Display shows: 50.000

3. Press MODE again to start calibration.

-Display shows: CAL and the 50.000 will blink

4. Place the included 50g calibration weight on the weighing-plateau. The scale will calibrate the weight and the display will show PASS when ready.

Count Function

1. Press ON/OFF button to power on the scale.

-Display shows: 0.000

2. Press and hold PCS button.

-Display shows 25 and PCS is blinking

3. Press the MODE button to select sample count size. (25= 25pcs, 50= 50pcs, 75= 75pcs, 100= 100pcs)

4. Count a sample of 25 pieces and place these on the weighing-plateau. Make sure the scale is stable and press the PCS button.

– Display shows 25 and PCS is no longer blinking

The scale is now ready to count. The display will show the amount of pieces placed on the weighing-plateau. By pressing the MODE button you can switch back to weighing. Press the TARE button If a container is used to hold the pieces, the scale should display 0.0 before staring the count.

Change Scale Capacity

This scale is shipped with a 0.001g-50g capacity, however it has an internal factory-setting that allows you to change the scales capacity. The scale can be set to the follows capacities: 0.001g-10g, 0.001g-20g, 0.001g-30g, 0.001g-50g and 0.001g-100g.

CAUTIOUS: To change the internal capacity a corresponding calibration weight is required. E.g. to set to 0.001g-100g a 100gr calibration weight is required, do not continue without the correct calibration weight. Change these settings at your own risk, failing to do this correctly makes the scale useless.

1. Press and hold MODE and ON/OFF button to power on the scale.

-Display shows a random number

2. Press and hold TARE button.

-Display shows: 10.000

3. Press the TARE button again to changes the scales capacity.

4. Press the MODE button.

-Display shows: 60

5. This value is the Auto Off function, the value equals the amount of seconds before the scale turns itself Off. Press the TARE button to change this value. Min. 0 / Max. 180

180 = 180 seconds

0 = Always On

5. Press the MODE button to set the selected value.

-Display shows: CAL and will blink the capacity setting

6. Place the required calibration weight on the weighing-plateau. The scale will calibrate the weight and the display will show PASS when ready. The internal capacity of the scale has now been changed.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 375 g

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